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MD50 Arm Lift

MD50D Carriage

MD50 Indicator

MD50 Manual Stop System

The MD50 manual stop system with optional digital display offers a cost effective way to boost productivity. The operator can quickly and accurately move the gauge into the correct position. A quick turn of the lever locks the arm into position.

Play Video Click here to view MD50D video.

• Steel guide rail with easy retrofit mounting
• Carriage with steel roller bearings for easy positioning
• Roto-lock brake system (MD50 / MD50D)
• Fine tune adjustment knob for 0.001in positioning (MD50D)
• Handwheel driven carriage with pneumatic brake (MD50H)
• Steel faceplate with manual arm lift, adjustable in X / Y / Z directions
• Inch / metric tape rule with indicator (MD50)
• Battery powered digital LCD readout with inch/metric conversion
  and fractional display (MD50D / MD50H)
• Magnetic linear encoder for direct measuring (MD50D / MD50H)
• Left or right side mounting

• Brake force: 2,000N
• Resolution MD50D/H: 0.001in or 1/64 fractional or 0.01mm
• Resolution MD50: 1/32in scale, 1mm scale
• Total length: measuring length + 12in
• Arm adjustment: width: 8in, length: 20in, others upon request

Roller conveyors, series RC and RH
• Open conveyor, steel construction with galvanized steel rollers
• Stands with flexible height adjustment from 27-3/8 to 39-3/8in
• Capacity: 135lbs/ft (RC) or 620lbs/ft (RH)
• Width between rail: 13/15/19 inch standard, others upon request
• Plastic rollers and metal safety inserts available upon request

Flat TABLE, series RF
• Solid steel top with 135lbs/ft capacity
• Stands with flexible height adjustment from 27-3/4in to 39-3/4in
• Overall width: 12/16/22 inch standard, others on request

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