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PD100 Arm Lift

PS312 Controller

Pneumatic Gripper

PD100 Heavy Duty Automatic Stop / Pushing System

The PD100 saves time and money with quick and precise positioning. The pneumatic Auto-brake, located directly on the moving carrier, locks in the stop position eliminating slip and motor load. With its precision steel guide and hardened double ball bearings, the moving carrier is built to last. The system also features a servo motor with a precision rack and pinion to ensure fast, accurate positioning with no backlash. Adjustable table legs allow for easy setup with any available saw, drill, ironworker and punching machine.

Play video Click here to view PD100 video.

• Precision linear steel guide rails with rack and cable trays
• Easy retrofit to existing or selected conveyors and tables
• Carriage with hardened double ball bearings
• Magnetic linear encoder for direct measuring
• Steel faceplate with manual arm lift, adjustable in X / Y / Z directions
• Position controller for single position with manual mode, inch/
  metric conversion and automatic arm retract
• Linear error compensation, 100 points
• Control stand (free standing)
• Motor brake for secure positioning
• Left or right side mounting

• Travel speed: 20in/sec, others available upon request
• Repeatability: +/- 0.001in (+/- 0.03mm)
• Encoder accuracy: +/- 0.001in/ft (+/- 0.1mm/m)
• Total length: measuring length + 26in
• Brake force: 2,000N with Pneumatic brake option

STOP Options
• Pneumatic brake system
• Pneumatic arm lift and lower
• Pneumatic retract and shock absorber
• 3,000 line program memory and outputs for full automatic operation
• RS232 interface with TS312 communication software for PC

PUSHER Specifications
• Push force: 200lbs max. weight, higher on request
• Travel speed: 20in/sec, others available on request

PUSHER Options
• Push feed carriage
• Adjustable pneumatic gripper
• 3,000 line program memory and outputs for full automatic operation
• RS232 interface with TS312 communication software for PC
• Photo eye for material recognition and initialization

Roller conveyors, series RC and RH
• Open conveyor, steel construction with galvanized steel rollers
• Stands with flexible height adjustment from 27-3/8 to 39-3/8in
• Capacity: 135 lbs/ft (RC) or 620 lbs/ft (RH)
• Width between rail: 13/15/19 inch standard, others upon request
• Plastic rollers and metal safety inserts available upon request

Flat TABLE, series RF
• Solid steel top with 135 lbs/ft capacity
• Stands with flexible height adjustment from 27-3/4 to 39-3/4in
• Overall width: 12/16/22 inch standard, others upon request

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