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Watch Kentucky Gauge automate your process equipment...

Saws Cut-Off Machines Drills
PD50 in Aluminum Cutting Application
PDE Pusher with Band Saw
Pusher with Cold Saw (harsh environment)
Turnkey Feed/Saw: Large PVC
Pusher System with Column Saw
Pusher with Dake 350
Pusher with Cold Saw
Pusher with Upcut Kaltenbach Saw
MD50D with Band Saw
PD2000X with powered conveyor
KG350BR Automatic Saw Cold System

Pusher with Cut-Off Machine
Loader / Feeder
Auto Tube Load/Feed/Cut/Unload System
Tube Load/Feed/Cut System
Self-Centering Tube Cutter System
Heavy Duty Turnkey Load/Feed/Cut System
Multi-Axis KDP Drilling System
Automatic 2-Axis KDP Drilling System
KDP Multi-Side Drilling Machine
2-axis Drilling Machine
KDP Automatic Drilling Machine
Heavy Duty KDP Automatic Drill Machine
PD100 with Drilling Machine
Feed / Drill / Saw Turnkey
Automatic Tube Drill Line
Automatic Drilling and Tapping
Turnkey Pusher with Custom Drill Press

Ironworkers Punch Presses Measuring Machines
KE Automatic Ironworker System
Puller with Ironworker
Puller with Ironworker 2
Pusher System with Komatsu Punch Press
Pusher System with Punch Press

PD100 with Press
PD100 Puller with Double Punch Press
PD100 Pusher with Double Punch Press
MMVB - Tube Measuring Machine
MMV - Tube Measuring Machine
MMTB - Flat Stock Measuring Machine
MMP - Portable Measuring Machine
Measuring Machine Accuracy Test
Data Capture Demo
Features Support  
PD100 Auto Stop/Pusher
MD50D/S with retract
Controller Training
MMP Contact Plate Setup
MMT / MMTB Contact Plate Setup

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